Welcome to The Dayton Womans Club

Thedayton Woman’s Club offers great service, timeless elegance and superb food at their Victorian mansion that has an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Australia.

Introducing Thedayton Woman’s Club, an esteemed non-profit organisation founded back in 1985. Their noble purpose? To empower women and fortify the community through the remarkable triad of historical preservation, education, and captivating events. Within the heart of this organisation lies a sincere commitment to forge a platform where women can unite, sharing their unique experiences and providing constant support to one another.

Throughout the year, Thedayton Woman’s Club offers an array of captivating events, designed to foster personal and professional growth. Enriching lectures, enlightening workshops, and delightful social gatherings are just a glimpse of what awaits those who seek to broaden their horizons and nurture their passions within this empowering community.

But there’s more! Seeking a venue that exudes charm and elegance for your next special occasion? Look no further. Thedayton Woman’s Club warmly opens its doors to host a variety of events, whether it’s a corporate meeting, a spirited fundraiser, a fairy-tale wedding, or a cherished baby shower. With their impeccable attention to detail and a penchant for creating unforgettable experiences, they ensure every moment spent within their walls is nothing short of extraordinary.

To sustain their invaluable work, Thedayton Woman’s Club relies on the support and generosity of their beloved community. By contributing to their cause, you play an indispensable role in empowering women and fortifying the very fabric of the community they hold dear. Join them on their noble journey, and together, let’s continue to create a world where women’s voices are heard, their potential is unleashed, and the community flourishes.