Welcome to the Club’s lovely Parlors. Following the Civil War, the House’s owner Napoleon B. Darst remodeled his mansion. As shown in several first floor areas, Mr. Darst had woodwork of white walnut/butternut carved and installed. The woodwork is lovingly preserved today. In addition he imported the Italian marble mantel pieces. 

 In 1969 Thelma Dreese’s mother gave the Club the tall clock located in the second parlor.  Also, in the front parlor is a melodian, circa 1840, that was given to the Club by the Biebel family. For many years the décor was comfortable, but unimaginative.

In 1977 an Antiques Acquisition Committee was appointed. Their mission: to acquire appropriate 19th Century antique furniture and accessories for the DWC, especially the front entrance hall and the 2 front parlors. 

In 2008, the furnishings were reupholstered and rejuvenated. Our guests are encouraged to use the antique furnishings, but we request they enjoy them “gently.”