Noted Persons Associated with The Dayton Woman's Club Building

Steele, Robert W. 1819-1891

Built house at 225 N. Ludlow
Advanced literary, educational and social interest in Dayton
Served on:

  • Board of Education
  • Dayton Library Association
  • Board of Woodland Cemetery
  • President of YMCA

Steele, Mary Davies 1843?-1897

Daughter of Robert
Handicapped by “continued invalidism”
Directed formation of “woman’s clubs”
Advisory Board of General federation of Women’s Clubs

Darst, Napoleon Bonaparte 1820-1895

Purchased 225 in 1861, 2nd owner, remodeled following Civil War
Successful merchant, wholesale grocer
Staunch Federalist and supporter of Lincoln and cause of Civil War

Darst, Susannah Winters 1829-1909

Wife of Napoleon B.
Daughter of Valentine Winters, founder of Winters National Bank
Father hosted Lincoln
Father supporter of freed slaves

Bimm, Mary Darst 1860-1935

Daughter of N. B. & Susannah
Lived at 225 until 1913 flood

Spouse of Joseph, wealthy entrepreneurial family

Vallandigham, Clement Laird 1820-1871

Neighbor of N. B. Darst, possible friend at one time
Leader of Copperheads, anti-Lincoln, anti-war
Notorious Congressman and Dayton native

Kumler, Marie J. 1856?-1925

Uncontested leading woman of Dayton
United women’s clubs
Dayton Federation of Women’s Clubs 1907
Organized fund raising for purchase of 225
1st President of Dayton Woman’s Club House Co., 1916

Patterson, John H. 1844-1922

Foremost citizen of Dayton
Encouraged purchase of a “Club House” following 1913 flood
Offered $6,000 for alteration and equipment of house selected.
Sister, daughter, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law all members of the DaytonWoman’s Club