To become a member:

  • Contact a club member or management to obtain a membership packet
  • Complete the application in full
  • Remit processing fee and dues upon receipt of acceptance

Membership is available to both women and men. There are three membership levels available:

  • Regular Individual Membership
  • Business Membership
  • Network Business Referral Club Membership

Membership Details

  • Membership in 2013 for an individual is $660 and for a business is $810
  • New members must also include a $25 application processing fee
  • Membership dues are not tax deductible
  • New members must pay a full year's dues prior to holding an event at our facility
  • Dues are non-refundable and automatically renew each year without formal resignation

We do hope that you will join our historic club and continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of membership throughout the year.